July 15, 2019
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GNOME is among the more effective desktops on the marketplace. And unlike much of the mainstream competitors, it’s rather customizable. How? Extensions. The GNOME developers have developed an incredibly easy technique for adding various functions to the desktop. A number of these features help personalize the look and feel of GNOME, while others go a long method to assist the user be more efficient. Let’s take a look at the 10 best GNOME extensions for 2019.

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Dash to Dock
Screenshot of GNOME Dash to Dock
The Dash to Dock extension is one of the first numerous GNOME users install. What this does is create a helpful dock from the GNOME Dash favorites bar. This implies all those favorite application launchers you have actually contributed to the Dash are much more easily accessed. Rather of having to initially open the Dash, those launchers are always at the ready. For any user who chooses the basic desktop metaphor, this extension is a should have.

What We Like
Alleviate of usage.
Makes launching apps even quicker.
Familiar user interface.
Plenty of modifications.
What We Don’t Like
There’s absolutely nothing to not like about Dash to Dock.

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Applications Menu
Screenshot of GNOME Applications Menu extension.
If you prefer a more standard “Start Menu” on your desktop (instead of GNOME’s Overview), you’ll want the Applications Menu extension. This extension offers a very effective, classified start menu for the GNOME desktops. It likewise includes the Favorites from GNOME Dash, so you not only can browse through a menu of classifications, you can launch your favorites with a single click.

What We Like
Menu is immediately familiar to any level of user.
Favorites can be launched.
What We Don’t Like
No personalizations.

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Section Todo List
Screenshot of Area Todo List extension.
If you’re one who needs to have quick access to a todo list, this extension will be right up your ally. It has nothing in the way of bells and whistles, as it is simply an extremely fundamental todo list that works as a drop-down from the leading panel, where you can add todo entries and even sub-entries. The sub-entry function is extremely convenient when you need to gather things like wish list.

What We Like
Easy to utilize.
Includes sub-entries.
What We Do not Like
No configuration options.

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Fall Terminal
Screenshot of the Fall Terminal extension.
If you utilize a terminal in Linux, you might consider adding the Fall Terminal extension. With this extension, you just need to hit the default hotkey (the ~ secret on your keyboard) and a terminal window will drop down from the top of the screen. Utilize the terminal nevertheless you need, and then hit the hot key once again to hide Fall Terminal.

What We Like
Convenience of fast access to terminal.
Lots of setup options.
What We Do not Like
There’s absolutely nothing to not like about this extension.
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Screeshot of the OpenWeather extension
Who does not like (or need) to have fast access to weather information. You’ll discover no much better GNOME extension than OpenWeather. This extension uses a drop-down from the center of the GNOME top bar, that displays plenty of information about today’s weather condition, along with the projection for the next day. You can include several places and set up a variety of choices.

What We Like
Exceptional overview of weather condition information.
Capability to add more than one area.
Constantly shows existing temperature level.
A lot of configuration alternatives.
What We Do not Like
Not much in the way of look configurations.
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Clipboard Indicator
Screenshot of the Clipboard Indication extension
For those that need access to various clipboard entries (so you’re not always having to go back and re-copy things), Clipboard Sign is a helpful extension to have set up. With this extension set up, when you copy a piece of text, it will be added to a drop-down list, where you can select it to be copied. As soon as select, the entry is copied and is ready for pasting. You can by hand erase an entry and even star an entry to keep it at the top of your list.

What We Like
A lot of setup alternatives.
Set up history size to keep more than the default 15 entries.
Quick access to numerous copied entries.
What We Do not Like
No chance to configure openness or other theme choices.
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Coverflow Alt-Tab
Screeshot of the Coverflow Alt Tab extension
If you like a bit of old-school eye sweet, you’ll love having a Coverflow way to step through open windows. As soon as set up, struck the Alt+ Tab key combination to iterate through your open windows. As soon as you’ve discovered the window you wish to work with, launch the keys and you’re all set to go.

What We Like
Eye sweet.
Easy to use.
What We Don’t Like
There’s nothing to not like here.
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Offices to Dock
Screenshot of the Work spaces to Dock extension
If you’re a fan of using Linux desktop work areas, you’ll enjoy this extension. With Offices to Dock, you get a dock on the right edge of your desktop that provides quick access to all your virtual workspaces. Naturally this extension will just be of interest to those users who tend to use virtual work areas.

What We Like
Makes dealing with virtual offices simple.
A lot of configuration choices.
Intelligent hiding.
What We Do not Like
Only of usage to those who prefer virtual offices.
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Media Gamer Indication
Screenshot of the Media Gamer Indicator extension
For those that spend a great deal of time playing music from their desktops, you’ll appreciate this useful extension. Media Gamer Indication provides you a drop-down menu that reveals what’s playing and enables you to manage the playback of the file. This extension works seamlessly with the default GNOME media gamer, in addition to MPRIS Variation 2 capable media gamers.

What We Like
Quick control of media playback.
Lots of setup alternatives.
Capability to place the drop-down control on the GNOME leading bar.
Add other control widgets (volume slider, playlists, tracklists, and more).
What We Do not Like
Can not change feel and look.
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Web Browse Dialog
Screenshot of the Web Search Dialog extension
If you spend a lot of time going back and forth to a web search, this extension is for you. Once set up, all you have to do is strike the Ctrl+ spacebar crucial combination to raise a web search bar. Type your search string and hit go into to open your default browser to the search results page. This extension will save you the step of first opening your internet browser, in order to run a fast web search.

What We Like
Fast access to Google search engine result.
Functions with your default web browser.
A lot of configuration alternatives.
Ability to alter search engines.
What We Do not Like
No chance to make it browse regional files.